Edtech Business Services

What is Edtech?

Education Technology, or Edtech for short, encompasses everything from gamification or virtual reality techniques to online portals for the submission of homework, entire degree courses taught through online platforms, and informal mobile learning applications.
Similar to Fintech and Proptech, Edtech is an offspring of the digital era. It brings about a change that has been long overdue , considering the method of teaching has remained broadly unchanged for many decades now.
Our contribution to this sphere comes in the form of Digikaushal.


Digikaushal is India’s first and only NSDC recognised Digital Marketing Course. The program seeks to meet the growing requirement for a digitally skilled workforce in our country.
The program makes the most of digital tools such as a Cloud Learning Platform to impart the training content online through informative videos, virtual classroom sessions with world class mentors and online tests.
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