Corporate Advisory Services

Project Approvals

At RAAG Business Solutions, understanding your business / project begins with understanding your dream. Each project requires certain mandatory approvals and clearances from statutory bodies at the Central and State level. Availability of these approvals and clearances, influence the timely completion of the project. Each of these approvals and clearances is to be obtained from independent institutions after liaison with several individuals and which is why you need a professional team to guide you through all of it.
RAAG Business Solutions team helps chalk out an action plan, list the various approvals and clearances you need, decide on the time frame for each activity, analyze cost implications and identify issues on which your participation will be required. RAAG Business Solutions will be with you at every step and assure you a smooth sailing.

Public Relations

When Projects are undertaken in public domain, there arise many tricky situations and issues , which require deft handling . RAAG Business Solutions provides out-of-box solutions for such issues and through persuasion as well as presentation skills, ensures Clients get what they need, without cost or time overruns.
Relationships created by RAAG Business Solutions on behalf of Clients will be with key decision-makers in Government, Media and Non-governmental Organizations.
We help in:
  • Establishing a favorable mind-set about your project among policymakers.
  • Creating goodwill among Locals and Establishment for smooth project implementation.
  • Promoting Media Relations and undertaking Event Management